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Freight Brokering Software Features You Should Look for

There is a whole bunch of trucking software in the market. Selecting ones of them is not an easy task. While choosing one you should keep in mind the size of your business and your specific needs and demands about a freight brokering software. However, there are certain basic features that you should look for in one such software. The drivers are the pillars of your business. The software should allow you to maintain a record for each and every driver. Say for example, how much revenue he generated for you along with expenses for a trip or for any time period. In case you find a driver who is not up to the mark, you can talk to him about the glitches or replace him if need be. The software should have provision of indexing bill of lading number and seal number. In case you need to know the bill of lading number or seal number after  a couple of months you can find it with a few clicks. The software should allow you to keep comprehensive notes for each load that you hauled. This gives you the ability to make better more profitable decisions which adds to your bottom line. You should be able to keep track of your revenue for each load. You will know what kinds of transportation assignment are bringing in more revenue. You can invest more there to increase your proficiency. Besides incomes, the software should also be able to monitor expenses. Some software recommends ways of reducing expenses by saving on fuel or time.  It will locate suitable routes and schedule delivery times when there will be least traffic on the road. It should generate good statistical reports to know where you are...

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