Mindshark Marketing Enhances Your Online Reputation


Mindshark Marketing offers reputation management to safeguard all the positive perceptions of your brand, product or services which you have built online.  It is a perfect complement to Mindshark inbound marketing.

Reputation management covers a wide range of services required to enhance, grow, and maintain a favorable perception of a company, brand, product or service online.  The enhancement part is not a process that produces overnight results.

Companies such as Mindshark who provide online reputation management services use a number of proprietary tactics to slowly build-up brand awareness, and the aim of ultimately obtaining brand loyalty.  Companies rightly have very lofty regard of themselves and the products or services they offer.  Proper reputation management aims to get public perception in line with how a company sees itself.

Then follows a need to maintain, grow and protect the reputation that has been built-up through hard work over an extended period of time.  Maintaining requires monitoring the public’s comments and perceptions and initiating measures to respond to their concerns.  Prompt corrective measures to address criticism are essential to containing damage to a company’s online reputation; negative comments spread at a much faster rate than positive ones.

Over time, online reputation management companies have learned to use, or in some cases even develop their own software that watches out for negative comments online.  This allows faster response to limit any damage.  Then other proprietary techniques are used to lower the search rankings of any unfairly negative comment to the point where they are virtually invisible.  For good measure, in cases of severe criticism, online reputation management companies issue their own comments or other forms of online content with a positive slant.

Since social media platforms provide almost instant results, negative comments there need to be addressed posthaste.  Criticism has this nasty habit of getting passed around at a much faster rate than any form of praise would be – the rate is very much faster through social media.  It is essential to keep the methods used within ethical bounds; the Canadian Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics for its members should be a good guide.

Most web surfers or potential clients will only get to know your company through its online reputation.  Retaining the services of professional reputation management companies such as Mindshark content services is a very wise investment.