Multi Touch Monitor – Improves With The Right Apps

muti touch monitor

People have begun to realize that the multi touch monitor can be used in many different ways aside from smart phone, computer and laptop screens. While its main uses remain smart device and computer screens, businessmen of every type are finding new uses for the multi touch monitor.

Among the many uses for such screens is for presentation purposes in offices, as teaching aids in educational establishments, and to aid collaboration in project planning and graphics related work. The same multi touch screens are often used to promote products in exhibition booths, showrooms, store windows and external advertising kiosks. As the technology used in multi touch screens continue to improve, its already long list of beneficial uses is expected to grow even more.

However most people only speak of computers and computerized this and that even when discussing the merits of touch screens with multi touch capabilities. All these people gush about is how powerful these touch screens and the computers that run it are. Very few people separate the capabilities of the hardware from that of the software. In fact the two work in tandem, complementing and enhancing the capability of each. This is why organizations such as the Information Technology Industry Council encourage development of both hardware and supporting software apps.

While the latest multi touch monitors have loads of capabilities unheard of just a few years ago, they still benefit from using the most appropriate software for the intended use. Since hardware and software have to work together, it is only logical to choose the most suitable of software and hardware combination to maximize the benefits from multi touch monitors.

Here is a list of software applications which will magnify the power of your touch screens to make it more suitable to your particular set of requirements:

  1. You can use specialized applications that compile all your applications into a central control panel. By using these types of central control apps adjusting configurations and settings is made more convenient.

  2. There are lots of application software which enable you to load various types of contact forms onto your multi touch screen. Through these on screen forms your prospective clients can request for more information about your products or services or join a mailing list for information and promotions. Some forms can be used to conduct surveys and collect valuable information about your target market.

  3. Some applications allow you to create markings on videos top of the images shown on your touch screen. This feature improves your ability to clarify complex portions of a presentation with ease.

  4. There are some software applications designed to load customized gestures for use during presentations. An example is one which gives the ability to use simple swipes to operate slideshows.

  5. There are software applications which can turn your multi touch screens into powerful teaching aids by simulating a whiteboard. The only difference is that this virtual whiteboard is interactive to boot!

When you are considering improving the use of your multi touch monitors, you should not neglect the supporting software.